27 September 2008

What's your Goliath?

I've just recently started reading (where I left off a couple years ago) Max Lucado's "Facing Your Giants". It's not the kind of book you read from front to cover in a long weekend...rather, it's the type of book you may read a chapter or two at a time and then give some personal reflection on it. Last night I read the chapter "Taking Goliath down!". And it challenged me to be like David. You see, David didn't focus on the giant that was before him, he focused on God! He instinctively knew to turn to God and saw this battle as a chance for God to show what He's capable of!

Are we willing to risk our own lives for God's reputation?

Do we stand for God when people around us are telling us to either run and hide from our Goliath? Or do we prayerfully consult God and walk sometimes blindly, but faithfully to what He calls us to do?

There are times in my life that both situations have occurred. It's the times that I walk blindly, yet faithfully to what God's prompting, that I felt the most satisfied in life. Don't get me wrong...these times have been scary, because I began to wonder,

"How I can do these things? I'm not talented enough. I don't even know how to do that. What if my efforts are rejected?",

but God has comforted me and reminded me that what I do is not based on my own aptitudes or skills, it's another opportunity (as Max Lucado says) "...for God to show off!"

So I a pose the questions...

What's your Goliath? How can God make your giant(s) fall?

Some of my past giants include: a struggling marriage, a miscarriage, and depression. I ran so far away from my marriage that it ended in divorce, but not before I tried to end my life. Never once did I consult God to heal me from my emotional scars, or depression, or to heal my marriage. God's grace and healing has been there even when I didn't ask Him for it. He has turned my selfish choices into something I have learned to value because I have been healed... for His use of me to help others is just beginning!

The Goliath in my life right now is determining where I will be living by the end of October. It may sound small, but I need to be out of my place by Oct. 29th. And I don't have anything lined up! I'm looking to buy a home/condo in Escondido. Most escrows last 30 days (that's what I hear). And I've got nothing! I saw a real charmer of a home yesterday, but it's a "short-sale"! Meaning: the bank doesn't have to accept my offer, they can hold out for what they consider the "best" offer. Short-sales can take months! I know God can open doors! He's fully capable of making the impossible a reality! I prayerfully consult Him to open up a door, even if it's not this one...and I walk in faith that He will provide something for me!

So what is your Goliath? How can God bring you victory if you just let Him?

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