11 September 2008

A plug for my best friend...Timmery's celebrating her birthday!

Timmery will be celebrating her 28th birthday on Saturday, September 13! All the details haven't been planned, but her "special lady friends" (you know who you are...) will get together and celebrate what a wonderful creation God has made in her. Place is yet to be determined, but she'll let us know (and soon)...she's even assigned homework for us (darn that school influence)!

It's crazy to think of the changes that she's gone through (or currently going through) all within the last year...
  • Quit her job (even the one where she worked for me)
  • Attends seminary (a ridiculous distance away)
  • Training to be a mentor (which just began)
  • Under a chiropractor's care - once again - for an old injury
  • Moved once and will soon move again (at the end of SEP)

Some accomplishments include:

  1. Has 1 completion of ministry at church
  2. Passed her first semester at school (with grades I'm envious about)
  3. Completed lay counselling at church
  4. Has her own blog (and now Facebook account)
  5. Has a texting plan for her cell phone (which I must say is AWESOME!)

I'm sure I'm missing some accomplishments...fill me in (anyone) and I can update!

God has given her another year of wisdom and life experience that will undoubtedly prepare her for her future! I can't wait to be a part of the next year to come...What will God reveal and/or teach her in this next year? What will He reveal or teach you? and me?

Have a GREAT birthday Timmery...maybe I'll be able to post some pictures of the fun we'll be having?

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  1. Hooray for birthdays! I happen to love my birthday, so thanks for the recognition, and for helping make my birthday special!