18 September 2008


After reading fellow bloggers talk about their creative side and not creating the time to release/share part of who they are...I, too, began to think I might share some of the poetry that God has inspired me to write. So here it goes...

Disclosure: if you need to see poetry rhyme...sorry, not my style!


As though You are far from me You reach out...
picking me up like a child uneasy in her first steps.
You dust me off shiny and new.

Your gentle caress, wiping my tears away...
with Your every stroke, residue of comfort and peace enters my heart.

Your arms are soothing to a soul that lacks the ability to comprehend You...
Your greatness, love, faithfulness, and mercies.

Wrapped up in Your glory allows me to let go of
once substituted earthly pleasures.
There is none more great than Your outstretched arms.

You are not far from me...it is I, who am far from You...

Take me there O' God; take my foolish ways from me
and teach me to never stray.

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