08 September 2008

This past week...

I've been a step-parent to two large dogs, whose mom & dad went back east to visit family and friends. I miss the positive qualities that pets brought into my life. My current home prohibits me from have any pets, but in all fairness, I was also not wanting the responsibility that they bring like: feeding, pottying, medical bills, & a big responsibility - time! Pets need your time, otherwise it's just cruel! Why have pets if you don't spend them with them?

I've really enjoyed the attention I received from Bettis and Cleo. Each day I returned from work, they greeted me at the door...excited to see me (but maybe they were just excited to get out of the house and go potty?)! They wanted to play before retiring back into the house, and if it wasn't for Bettis' bum Achilles tendon she would be right along Cleo giving her a run for her money....chasing that ball and bone!

If you've read my previous entry, you know I'm looking for a new place to live...maybe I'll get a pet too. Thinking cat though...they are more independent and self-sufficient. I wouldn't feel too bad leaving them for when I go to work and then again for either small group and POCO get-togethers during the week! Dogs just need more attention!

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