16 June 2010

Following Him...

Wow, I can't believe Egypt is right around the corner... just days away (5 to be exact)!  I'm in the mindset of packing now, deciding what to bring as the suitcase lays open on floor beckoning me to fill it up with the essentials.  There is other prep to do as well: plane goodies for my carry-on, documentation, one day change of clothes (just in case my suitcase doesn't arrive when I do), Bible, notebook(s), power adapter, modifying FB alerts to my cell, you name it I'm trying to remember to bring it or take care of it before I leave.

Excitement is creeping in, but more importantly some of the things that were occupying/consuming my mind are falling away.  God is answering my prayers, changing my heart, healing my emotions and attitudes!  This morning a dear friend called me (at a time I normally would be sleeping but wasn't) and she wanted to share a piece of Scripture that spoke to her heart and reminded her of me.  Psalm 31 if you click on the link it will take you to the NIV passage.  I'm so encouraged by others who share how encouraged they are as witnesses through my daily living.  God calls me to be salt and light... who knows who is watching?  Who knows the lives I will touch by choosing to live for God (and not myself)?

As I mentally prepare for what Egypt has in store for me and my teammates, I remain in my faith and that what I think or want to happen might not line up with what God has in store; He is there before us preparing others' hearts for our trip.  What He plans might be far from my understanding, but I hope that our steps of obedience are honoring to Him, however He decides to use them.  I'm looking forward to blogging more and adding pictures while there.