16 April 2010

What if God were selfish?

Blessings would fade...
The generosity of others would all pass away.
Fend for yourself... creatures of the land, air, and sea!
 We would be pawns on a chessboard sacrificed at His whim.
No one to come along beside us--
No encouraging words or a shoulder to cry on...
only unanswered prayer.
While the laughter of our requests roll like thunder from His lips.
In His eyes what fools we appear to be...

Jesus would be a mystery.
No Christmas, no Easter!
What an awful place to be...

05 April 2010

Vulnerability is worth it...

As I look back and remember more good times than bad, the scariest times are the ones where I was vulnerable - not knowing whether judgment or acceptance would result.  Now as the pain and hurt builds like a volcano upon eruption and the need is great to try to cover up and ignore it, I know God has given me these emotions to feel and share with Him.  Ignoring them doesn't bring Him the glory of being in the midst of every relationship, both past and present.

In my former relationships (friendships and more), ones that I would have previously considered as failures, I have a new outlook on what they were... I took each "failure" personally, wondering what I did wrong, never giving the other person credit that "it" might not really be about me.  Wow, I had a pretty selfish view of my relationships... believing I could make or break their existence!    

If I hadn't been vulnerable I would not have been able to love deeply.  I know what I feel right now is a temporary sensation, not something that will prohibit my future relationships (this is a BIG step for me - an old pattern that has now ended).  Loving others is worth the pain when you have received their love in return!  Now I know I need to focus on honoring God in my relationships.  He will bring people in my life that I can absolutely trust and be vulnerable with, as He sees fit.  I place my trust in God knowing He knows what relationships are BEST for me, better than I could ever imagine, who is good for me, who will help me honor Him through that relationship.  I'm sorry that some relationships are not the same, nor are they growing (in my life), but it doesn't mean that I don't care/love each person.  On the contrary, I am probably honoring God more so now because I still do love them (through the pain) and pray for them...