23 August 2008

For Sale???

Everywhere I go...I see signs just like this one...well at least various versions of bank owned properties, foreclosed homes, & for sale by owner signs. Some properties are well kept, some need some serious help! I guess I haven't really noticed them before...

"Before what?" you might ask...Well, before I gave any thought to buying my own home. It's been no surprise that I have been trying to move back to Escondido. I've been looking for a small home or maybe a townhome/duplex to rent with Timmery, but nothing's come of our search. We wanted to stay away from apartment life! It can be real noisy at times and busier than what we were looking for.

It's incredible how much the price of homes for sale have dropped, but don't get me wrong, buying is still expensive! I guess now is a GREAT time if you're a buyer, not so much if you're the seller! So today I drove around Escondido armed with many property listings my aunt sent me via email (she's a real estate agent if anyone is interested?). I was able to cross many off my list... some homes were in "sketchy" neighborhoods, some were just sketchy. I also found a few not on my list, just by driving around. Of course none of those have any $$$$ listed so I can even consider "Could this be the one?" I made a call on one. Left a voicemail with the promise of an agent returning my call quickly. That was 10AM, I still haven't received a call back (it's 7PM now).

Well, I'm more excited than ever before...that this could be a reality for me! Never in a million years did I think I would be considering buying a home. And all on my own! This IS a crazy notion that I am trying process. This is such a blessing, to even consider the reality of home buying! God is such a wonderful God! Hope is more present in my life now than ever before! Through and with God...ALL things are possible!

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