30 November 2008

Is nature waiting for Jesus' return too?

While laying on a friend's bed, looking out the window in the master bedroom, I notice such beautiful trees full of color reaching out to the heavens and I wonder, "Are they, too, waiting for Jesus to return?"  The trees and animals, all that has life, must be waiting in anticipation for the return of our Jesus.  They, too, want to be disease-free and free from human destruction (or negligence), yet they stand tall; showing their brilliant colors - on display for the whole world to see!  

We, too, are called as created beings of God, to be part of His greatness and beauty-to stand tall and to shine His light on others.  He has given us wonderful colors of our own, like feathers on a peacock, to share with one another.  Imagine with me for minute that everything we do, every act we perform, has a unique color all it's own and God sees these colorful acts as adding to the beauty of a world He created.  Wouldn't that be amazing if we could see acts in the form of colors?  In thinking this, I do foresee a problem...as it is in our nature, humans are going to want to interpret these colors and brand them "good and bad"!  I think if we look hard enough at our own deeds, and the deeds of others, we are able to see God shining His light amongst us.  It was in science class (long, long ago), I learned light is made up of a spectrum of all the colors and darkness is the absence of these colors.  Spiritually this makes sense.  God is light and without God there is only darkness!  And what survives in total darkness??  Not much!   

I think we can learn from God's other creations (you know, the non-human ones) to share our colors and be beautiful by the glory given to us only by the wonderful Artist who has painted, sculpted, built, transformed, and breathed His life into each one of us.  I want the colors I emit to be vibrant and beautiful to my Master, regardless of my surroundings. I want to bring about the colors in those around me that are pleasing to Him, as I wait for Jesus to return.


  1. Amen, to what you have said in this post, Tiffany. I agree with you. That's partly why I became a (nature/landscape) photographer, the reason I named my business Shekinah Photography and why each click of my shutter is one of the ways I worship our Creator! I am sure that creation is awaiting His return, since the earth groans with the pain of sin.

    I'm so glad that you are following Jesus and loving Him. I join you in your wonderful color & light analogies! Keep shining!

    Love & hugs, cousin Kathleen

  2. Sweets, you always amaze me with what's in your head! I love that this is what you thought of when you were taking those pictures :)
    By the way, I agree with you-I happen to think that trees and nature is out there doing what God created it to do with the best of its ability. And there are some amazing things in nature that shine for God!
    Keep it up :)