12 December 2008

Tsk Tsk Laura Bush...

Now just the other day I heard on tv Laura Bush (yes, our current president's wife), a professed Christian, wish the American public, "Happy Holidays"!  

When I heard those words my heart just sank...

This is our - the Christian populace's - time (when the phrase is readily accepted even by non-believers) to thank God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sin...

By simply wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays"!  

As I learned last night at The Gathering, when we say "Merry Christmas" we are actually saying "I'm glad that Christ came"!  I AM glad He came...to save us from certain death and to re-establish a relationship with our Heavenly Father that is ONLY available through the Son!  What Christian DOES NOT want to profess their hope that lies in their Savior, Jesus Christ?  

On a semi-tangent, yet relatable note: I've been thinking about what I might say to people who wish "Happy Holidays"...if it's not Merry Christmas, maybe it would be... 


Any thoughts? I'd appreciate it if you would drop me a comment.

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  1. I was at the post office earlier this week and asked to see the Christmas stamps. The gentleman brought out two versions for me to select from, a nutcracker theme, or the Madonna with child. I selected the baby Jesus stamps and moved on with the rest of my transactions. Later as I was all paid up and being handed my receipt, the same gentleman looked me in the eye and said "Merry Christmas."
    I was blown away-it really has become such a telling statement in today's politically correct world, especially for our government employees. As the significance of what he had just told me sank in, the weight of it hit me and I was oh-so glad to be able to tell him "Merry Christmas" in return!
    Hooray for taking a stand, postal clerk man! I'm now encouraged to pass it along this holy-day season! ;)