24 November 2008

My first day...unemployed!

Today is the first day I am officially unemployed and I feel so free!  It was a little chilly here in Oceanside, but the day is looking beautiful. I got up this morning (not too terribly late, 8-ish) and grabbed my Bible where I sat down at the table and began to read Nehemiah.  I am impressed with Nehemiah's faith leading him into action, more specifically because he was deeply depressed (for four months) about Jerusalem being in ruins he prayed and fasted and still remained depressed.

I can tell you from personal experience, depression doesn't lead into action...at least it didn't lead me into action-but inaction!  I only wanted to sleep, be left alone, and I don't recall praying or fasting through my depression, like Nehemiah did.  I often wonder what my depression would have looked like if I was actively walking with my Lord and Savior at the time? Would my faith have been strong? Would I have been able to orchestrate the rebuilding of what lead me into despair?  I hope I never have to find out...I think I am more aware of my mental state now, ready to question myself when something just doesn't seem right and make changes.

Back to Nehemiah...he sought the help of God to fix Jerusalem's walls and God gave him clarity and wisdom to pursue his goal, as it wasn't for Nehemiah's welfare, but for the entire Jewish nation.  Of course there was opposition, but God gave him a strong mind to deal with the enemies' tactics.  One of the most incredible aspects to this story is it only took 52 days to complete fixing the gates and some areas of the wall (I doubt even with today's technology and heavy machinery that this would be a possible feat, unless God was there to oversee it's completion).   With God, the impossible IS possible!  

"...With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

I want to start my days off right...give God the first of each and every one of my days, like I give Him the first of my earnings.  I'm ashamed to admit this, but I use to give Him the last of my days and sometimes He didn't even get that.  My days are His to begin with! And I want to be more alert to purposefully make sure I am doing this in my life and ponder the possibilities of God's continual work in me!  

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