22 November 2008

I never thought...

...I would thoroughly enjoy karaoke!  It made it all the more enjoyable that I was surrounded by my closest girl friends and I felt far less self-conscious about my inability to sing...so to be around those that love me, flaws and all, I was able to drop my guard and just be me!  I guess I should back up and explain what I'm talking about...  Last night was a get-together with friends to play games (you know... have a little fellow-shipping fun...), relax, enjoy each other's company, wind down from a week of chaos for some and the schoolwork-load for others...
The night began as we played some sort of pig-dice game (a crazy game where you toss two pigs and you get points for the positions they land in.  1st one to 100 points wins--congratulations Sarah!).  Then came the 'let's sing" moment of my life!  I "happily" accepted to be the first one to sing (you know...set the stage for those next in line)!?!  We sang so many songs, I can barely recall them all.  I don't even remember the first song I sang but here's a list of what we sang both individually and in duets and as a group:

Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dotted Bikini
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Ebony and Ivory
I'm Too Sexy
Wind Beneath My Wings
We Are The World
Hey Jude
Brown Eyes Blue
Frosty The Snowman
Jingle Bell Rock
Sexual Healing
Vision Of Love
Money Money Money
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Dancing Queen
Dude Looks Like A Lady
Turn Back Time

By the end of the night my voice had lost any semblance of tone that it might have ever been in...also my vocal cords gradually became raspy and horse.  I was afraid I might not have a voice when I woke up this morning...but I was up and talkin' without fail!  I had a blast and I know the rest of us did too (it was a little tiring).                                      

Thanks Nadia for hosting!  Thanks for the duets Timmery, Maria, and Sarah!  Thanks for jumping right in Lissa (without skipping a beat)-you showed up and were handed the mic like it was your new best friend!  Crazy dance moves too...
I'll have pictures soon too (thanks Nadia)...just waiting for you Sarah!  

All you ladies are an awesome addition to my life and I wouldn't trade you for any other!  Thank you God for the women than you have hand-picked to be a part of who I am and have encouraged me to be. 

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