26 May 2008

Spirit West Coast Del Mar '08

This weekend was incredible! I volunteered at SWC this year for the first time...helping out at the chiropractic and massage ministries. This ministry was a true blessing to be a part of...to be able to help others who are doing God's work either as performers or as behind the scene personnel. To see multiple ministry worship avenues not constrained to a church setting, permeating the entire grounds was an awesome experience to be involved in! I can't wait to do it again next year!!

Performers like Jars Of Clay, Toby Mac, and BarlowGirl were so uplifting and God-honoring, there were times my body shivered feeling God's presence consume me in the moment, blocking out any sort daily worries that typically consume my thoughts and I felt His light surround my body like a force of energy that was unstoppable! Oh...to be able to live like that 24/7...I know it will take actions on my part to do so. God is here with me and I must make choices to be there with Him at all times, giving all of myself...always!

This is my prayer: Lord allow me to never lose sight of who You are. Don't let me get caught up in my daily routines and exclude you from any aspect of my life! You are my hope! Your light shines bright on me erasing the darkness that is past. Forever do I put my hope and trust in You. You, alone, are God and I praise You...

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  1. Hi there Sweetie! Your new layout looks good :) I'm glad you had a good time at the concerts-it was a pretty awesome experience! A lot to take in, all the passion for God, the amazing talent, the message in the music and speech... I'm glad we got to go together!