18 May 2008

B-day Dinner (one week later...)

My birthday dinner finally came to fruition....I think I savored it all the more because I had to wait even longer for it? As you may or may not know...I have two favorite restaurants each with their own favorite meal: 1st - Ocean Thai (that pineapple curry I mentioned in "Favorite Foodstuffs") and 2nd - Outback Steakhouse (also mentioned...the Outback Special with cheesecake for dessert)! The food was awesome, it always is...but more importantly it was the company that I had dinner with! I don't spend the same quality time (or even quantity) with Sean & Courtney as I once did...but it was great to catch up, share, and reconnect. They've even secured a second meal with me as part of my birthday present (and this time at Ocean Thai)! I can't wait!

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." Proverbs 17:17


  1. Ummmm.. Sweetie... Didn't you do a birthday dinner the day before your birthday as well? Well, I guess that was a tad disappointing because you didn't actually get to eat at Outback like you wanted. Scratch the above sentence then :) I'm glad someone took you out and let you feel special for you big day, and that you finally got that tasty hunk of cow you so love :)