11 June 2008

S.W.E.E.T.(ly) said...

Last night seemed to be a "hit"! It was the last night of our women's small group gathering (from church) before the summer session begins and goes co-ed at the beach in Oceanside. The last five weeks or so, each of the girls led an evening....it was leader's choice. One night we watched someone's favorite movie - About A Boy, another - we spent time "being still" before God by meditating and reflecting on our own hearts, then there was an episode of VeggieTales - what's not to love about Snoodles?, then there was game night - pictionnary & guess your famous identity! Last night Sarah and I shared the lead and mixed words with candy! You might ask how the two relate?

To begin: S.WE.E.T. stood for "Sincere Words Everbody Enjoys (to be) Told! It was an evening fillled with sweet words and sweet treats! All who attended brought their favorite candy to share(but didn't know why)! I could have opened a small candy store with all that we had on hand. Everyone drew a name, secretly, and had to write "Words of Affirmations" for that person. Fifteen minutes were given and this was done in two rounds. Since Sarah and I were leaders, we prepared our "SWEET words" in advance for everyone who attended (we didn't restrict ourselves to only two women). I think that made it more personal and allowed us to reflect on each special woman there that has touched our hearts in one way or another.

Everyone was given two sheets of paper with the title and explanation of S.W.E.E.T.(ly) said. They were to use these sheets for whoever's name they drew and begin telling that person kind words that they see in them...all this was done in secret. We didn't sign the sheets, we only collected them and divvied them to their correct owners... just in case, people were shy! I think we know each other well enough, that we were able to figure out who wrote what? :-)

After we all wrote, we took some moments to read what other's wrote to us/about us. I think this is something we could implement in future get-togethers? Who doesn't smile when they read something positive about themselves...that someone you know has written them...just for you? It was a special night. Did I mention that my love language is "Words of Affirmation"? It's ironic, because I am lousy with words...but I love being on the receiving end...when they are kind words!


  1. I love how you described the night :) I had a lot of fun and love my notes. I think you are right too, we should do that in the future. I think you are good with words...

  2. I agree with Sarah, it WAS a good night :) I loved getting my notes for two reasons:
    1) It is nice to have someone tell you such wonderful things and
    2) I like having them written down so I can reread them as I need/want to!
    Good idea guys!