16 June 2008

An adventure with Herbert...

Timmery affectionately named this bug on her windshield (yesterday), "Herbert". I'm not sure why, but the name seemed to fit at the time? Herbert decided to take rest on an unsuspecting, newly cleaned windshield...the one attached to Timmery's car that is! We were getting ready to go home/duplex/apt. hunting and this little guy wanted to give his wings a rest and so......he landed. Little did he know, he was in for an adventure...one at times in excess of 70 mph!

We took off...leaving the gated community where his rest was supposed to begin. Little Herbert had his six feet (or so I think there were only six) firmly planted to the glass! We made our way into the fast moving street - it was hard for Timmery to stay focused on the road and not on Herbert. We slowed down to take a corner, all the while affixed is our attention on a bug not bigger than my fingernail, just below the area (approximately 3-5 inches) where those reminder oil change stickers go.

"Hang tight little buddy!" About a mile down the road and we've reached speeds of 50-55 mph just to stop and hit the breaks for a stoplight. Still there. We wait patiently, watching his every move. He begins to rub his back legs together then the middle set. He walks in circles for a bit. Is he dizzy, I wonder? "He's got great aerodynamics"...the wind hasn't phased him one bit! I think he's been lulled into a false sense of "this is finally over"...but off we go again...the light has turned green and the pedal is to the metal!

We approached the freeway at Center City Pkwy and the 78. It's going to be the freeway where he's a goner, or so I thought? We've gone at least 70 mph....probably more, Herbert even surfed through the hairpin loop, the one to hop on 15-S. This is one tough bug! We reach our off ramp and drive down the road a bit, getting stuck at another red light. Our outside passenger is still with us. Once we pulled into the apt. complex and parked...car completely off...Herbert flew away and didn't look back! We traveled with Herbert for 4 miles and it was sad to see him go....

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  1. Herbert? I don't know where I come up with these names. Its a gift :) Herbert was definitely an interesting addition to our drive!