16 June 2009

Looking back at my words...

The past few days I've been looking at some poetry that I've written.  Some of it was dark, some of it was hopeful, but what they all have in common are they were once a form of release for me.  I can barely remember what was going on when I wrote these poems; why I decided to put my thoughts down on paper I just don't know (maybe I was meant to share them with someone sometime down the road).  

Here is one poem that I thought I would share with you all.

  The shoes we try to fill were never meant to fit,
though a stride in His direction allows us to take comfort in it.
Walk away and lose direction they begin to rub and pinch.

Feelings of conviction?  We've not yet lost Hope's sight.
His grace is sufficient for all our indiscretions.
Choose to believe Him and forgiveness will come;
not only from above, but out of our own love.
Mercy is upon us, yet we do not know the extreme.
He chooses instead to love us for we really know nothing.
Our eyes can be opened to the beauty that is He,
filling us with knowledge -- Creator of all things.
The footsteps are a guide to a road that leads to Him.
Our steps are supported, because He once took them first.  
So choose to live in them and in doing so rejoice.

Until very recently, I've been choosing not to rejoice, forgetting all that He's ever done, given, and breathed into me.  It's been a difficult and lonely time for me. That has been my biggest mistake...  I read that Jesus has been referred to as the Paraclete.  Para means "alongside" and kaleo means "to call".  He is "the One called alongside".  He is right there even when I don't feel Him.  He made a promise to His friends - not to leave them (us) alone and that He will help us through our afflictions.  He is always available and sometimes I forget that He has gone through every emotion, every suffering, everything I would ever go through and more!  He knows me better than I know myself.  So who better to call upon than the One who is there alongside us, never to leave our side?

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  1. Hey Tiffany,

    Your Footsteps is seriously good. Anyone reading this will be blessed.