06 April 2009

Carlsbad 5000

So yesterday was my first ever race (I've done olympic-type races, but never for any one thing in particular)!  Proceeds for this race went for Carlsbad education and for their athletics.  I never thought I would have had as much fun as I did!

 My number...                             The "photo" finish!

It was the Carlsbad 5000.  I participated in the 5K walk with Jeremy and Michelle, while the others actually ran (Eddie, Adam, Rachel R, Jennifer, Kelly D, Christy, Kelly M, Risa, and Katja).  The sun was brightly shining and an occasional wind was blowing.  After the walk we perused the many booths while we waited for the runners to cross the finish line.  There was some neat stuff there... free stuff too!

My spine was examined and I was told what I already knew... I'm misaligned, but the chiropractor did offer some encouraging words about the ringing I have in my ears (and have had my entire life).  Of course he wanted my business and wanted to "cure" me - but I'm not sure if I believe it...

My blood pressure was taken.  Healthy numbers: 107/61.  There was also a nifty gadget that measured your body composition (fat ratio).  I'm glad to hear I'm also within the healthy range for my height & weight.

There were many vendors that gave away free goodies as well.  Many wheels to spin for a chance of winning free food like Pat & Oscars.  There was a vendor that gave away free samples of supplements that give you your daily dose of fruits & vegetables all in pill form.  Anyone that knows me... would not be surprised that I grabbed a week's supply ;-).  Also they had free samples of energy/replenishment drinks.  A particularly tasty grape one looked just like water!  Man, I wish I paid closer attention to the name of it!

After our group (Runners of kin) finished racing we went to the field at church to go play some ultimate frisbee (typical Sunday afternoon)!  Two hours later, I was fried to a crisp and ready to eat dinner!  Some of us decided to go to Chipotle for a free burrito- thanks to them being a race sponsor.  We needed to take advantage of the freebie-same day as the race, or we would miss out!  After dinner the others went to go get cleaned up and go to a movie... I was so stinkin' (literally) tired and I needed to clean too.  I was in bed by 8 pm, but not alseep until 9!  I'm still feeling the affects of yesterday...

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  1. You got all you needed: exercise, sun, free food and fun times. Good for you!