22 February 2009

A poem written on the bus ride to Mammoth...


Strong & secure.
Beautiful & functional.
You strengthen the weak
and solidly support the broken.
Eternally indestructible,
capable of miracles.
My life, a rooftop,
exposed to worldly dangers -
detrimental winds and waters,
where muck and mire cloud 
my effectiveness because I let it,
but you wash me clean and use it 
for growth and goodness.
You keep me intact and off the ground.
My materials alone are inferior and simple,
yet You overflow my eaves with blessings.
As Your tools promote change within me, 
I, too, am strengthened -
increasing in trust and faith for You, 
not relying on my own components to do the work.
Your ways are just and never wrong -
structurally sound & holy founded.
To You, my Pillar, 
it is only You that lifts me up!

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