04 July 2014

New Season In My Life...

Let's get vulnerable... 

As of late, I've noticed that I miss having that special guy in my life!  I've been divorced now for almost 8 years and was perfectly happy being single... that is until I started hanging out with a guy friend.  All those memories of getting to know a guy (albeit a friend mind you), chilling in each other's company, cooking meals for someone besides myself, going out to dinner or microbreweries, hiking, etc... all reminded me of something that was once familiar and now once again, desirable.  Now because he's a friend, I knew that he wasn't that "special guy".   

So I did the uncomfortable... the unimaginable and got a membership to an online dating website!  Shocking!  I know... and anyone who knows me knows that's not me!  Now it's only been a week since I've been on this site and I knew that I couldn't take a passive role in my search for that special guy, so I reached out.  I sent those awkward 'smiles', emails, & cards to complete and total strangers.  I've visited and responded in the message board section, participated in the chat rooms.  BTW- chat rooms are for those individuals with ADD I believe, because I can barely keep up!   

Yesterday was the first time someone really reached back to me... I don't know what the future holds for my life, but I believe God will provide the right "special guy" for me.  This is an exciting time in my life, especially waiting to see whom He reveals.  

I want to honor God in my choices and actions and welcome your prayers in this matter.  This is scary, vulnerability doesn't come easy (besides, you don't want to scare anyone away, right?).

I'll keep you (any of you who will actually read this) in the loop for what's in store for my life!

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