22 December 2010

Stormy Night in San Diego

     I love this weather!  As I lay in bed last night, blinds raised, not only could I hear the rain splashing down making large puddles in the backyard- wave after wave, not seeming to let up… but also the wind whipped along through the two trees outside my window.  A flash of lightening on the rare occasion also found a way to be in last night’s performance.  It was too dark to see the rain, but I sure could see its affects…  as the night was backlit by the city lights facing north-eastward toward the local airport, the trees were silhouetted. 

     I've enjoyed the leaves on the eucalyptus tree dancing and swaying in the commotion, like ballet dancers, fluid and free.   I wish I could take a picture that could show the story I’ve laid before you.  But alas, I can only try to share with you what I see using my simple words above.  I hope you’ve been able to personally experience some of the beauty that has taken place during this San Diego winter storm…?

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