20 August 2010

Ohhhhh the simple pleasures of golf!

 I've really begun to enjoy golfing... eventhough I'm a perfectionist and not exceptionally good at it, I have experienced some pleasure playing.  One simple pleasure is not losing too many balls - my first instinct, when I lose a ball is to hunt for it until I find it!  I don't like to give up so easily and "let it go" like my grandfather wants me too.  I'm more apt to give up when I know someone else is waiting to tee off on the same hole.  Another simple pleasure is solid contact... not going left or right, but sailing right down the middle of the fairway.  Yesterday I had experienced that simple pleasure!  The only problem was I threw my back out in the process!  :(  The first two shots off the tee on the second hole were horrible, so much so the balls were officially "lost" and then as I placed the third ball on the tee I thought to myself: "take easily, don't swing too hard, just relax and hit the ball".  Which is exactly what I did!  I must have hit the ball using the "sweet spot" on head of the club because it sailed farther than I'd ever seen it go!  This hole is a par four, so the fairway is quite lenghty and my ball landed just outside the green.  This hole, which normally takes two hits to the green, took me one!  Sweet!  I think I would have been more ecstatic if I wasn't so rigid with pain in my torso!  Needless to say, my day of golfing was abruptly over.

Deep breathing became difficult and painful so I made an appointment with a chiropractor; I was worried I might have slipped a disc or something. So later that morning and the chiro diagnosed me with a muscle strain near my lower ribs (on the right side of my body).  Thankfully my spine wasn't totally out of whack!  He adjusted my T-7 and T-10 vertebrae.  Afterward, Courtney massaged the affected region, trying to losen up that area.  With an icepack on my back and a computer on my lap... here I am blogging!

Today feels much better, but I'm not out of the woods yet.  I'm going to need to take it easy and probably lay off golfing for at least a week!  That's the latest with me...

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