11 May 2009

Working at Hume Lake

Last week I spent some time up at Hume Lake (in the Sequoia National Forest).  It is so beautiful up there.  It was my first time as a guest and worker.  I carpooled with a couple friends from my Women of the Word small group (Cheryal and Sammie).  We left early Sunday morning after grabbing a bite at McD's (about 7am).   Check-in time was 5pm.

No problems on the road so we got there plenty early.  We stopped by a famous landmark - General Grant's tree.  I guess it's the world's 3rd largest sequoia and lives in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.  It's height is 268.1 feet and it's base circumference is 107.6 feet
  I couldn't fathom it's size unless I saw it for myself!  And even then it's unbelievable!

Before we walked the trail we grabbed a few photo ops...

 (looking up in the park)

   (me hugging the base of a tree)

We pulled into camp with a few hours yet to kill before being able to settle in.  The lake was wondrous, surrounded by tall trees, colorful ducks (wish I had some close-ups), some fishermen, and folks all around breathing in the scenery.
  There were even snow-capped mountains in the distance.
 (morning view of the lake)
 (cheery multi-colored tulips)

We went up the road and found Sandy Cove...
   (Sammie & Cheryal on the bridge)

It's a quaint little beachy area - great for picnics with the family, along with a mild rapid flowing into the base.

The first work day there was filled with pine needle, lots and lots of pine needles.  It's a fire hazard and the camp grounds needed to be cleared and ready for the summer (the camp is crawling with kids in the summer).  Got through the first half of day two raking and found myself laid up for the remainder of the day - my back was going out if I continued any further.  Day three brought me a new outlook (and group), I joined group #13 (the "Do Or Die" group).  We were a group of maybe six - all with physical limitations, but we still wanted to serve, bring God glory anyway we can.  I found myself at a two-room schoolhouse that was in need of cleaning (nursery & first grade).   Day four brought me outdoors once again, but this time painting was needed.  An addition was added to an existing building and it needed to blend in (chocolate brown).  So I painted!  BTW - I don't have a love for painting, but I did it and didn't complain. 

Goal: give God honor & glory in what I can do!  

Once that was completed, we got a personal tour of the camp grounds and saw how vast the camp truly is.  My last job of the trip (and that day) was scooping out cookie dough for the kitchen staff (for us to eat after dinner).

On Wednesday, I experienced paintball for the first time!  Surprisingly enough I didn't get hurt - I might have been extra cautious!  I was nailed in the face mask (out of nowhere) the first game and never saw anyone to even shoot at!  So I got more brave and moved forward from that moment on.  I have no idea if I ever hit anyone, but I aimed and fired my 100 rounds during the next three games!
 (great looking group, yeah?)

The following night we went on a night hike around the lake and came across the largest pile of poo I've ever seen.  (It must have been a bear and now I regret not snapping a picture of it!)

Every night at 7 we went to chapel and worshipped with songs and received a message from Pastor Tom Thies (EFCC's Senior Adult Minister).     

EFCC has been going up to Hume Lake for over a decade helping where needed.  I look forward to next year's trip - I hope I'm able to do it again!  That was my adventure!  My only regret: not making daily alone time with God.  

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time!!!! I'm happy for you!!! Awesome pic of the big gigantic tree. Makes me marvel at God's creation.