26 March 2009

God's providential care

GOD IS AMAZING!  Need I say more?  Probably, huh?

I've been praying for someone and wondering how I was going to tell them, "God has put you on my heart!"  In prayer, I kept asking God what to do.  Do I call this person?  Do I drop them an email?  What?  I already knew I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to say when I saw this person... but God had to bring me to this person before I could even talk to them.

Leave it to God to set the date and time, an appointment if you will, without my knowledge!  After noticing a coffee joint (that I've never been to) that had free Wi-Fi up near the restaurant I had lunch with Jo Ann this past Tuesday, I thought I should give it a try sometime.  That sometime was today!  I finished my swim at the 24 Hr Fitness in Vista earlier today and had time to kill before my next appointment at 4 pm, so I made sure I packed up my laptop and decided to give this coffee place a chance.  The ambiance: nice and quiet, low traffic noise, and virtually empty.  I lugged my laptop, a book I've been reading, and my notebook and ordered a coffee (and cookie).  I rounded the corner and set all my goodies down on the table.  I looked up and outside sat this certain someone that's been on my mind and heart!

Amazing, I thought!  I tapped on the window to say, "Hi" and a few moments later they came inside.  Talk about God's providence!  I couldn't have planned it if I tried.  We began talking and I realized it was God's doing that brought us together!  My "not-so-coincidentally" being there was just what they needed.  That's always nice to hear...

Our talk was good (I won't go into topics or anything) and I'm glad they appreciated it as well.  God has a way of letting us know we're not forgotten about.  He brings us into contact with one another like no one else can.   His care is everlasting  and I appreciate (not always, but I should) His work in the bigger picture of my life.

Thank you God, for answering my concerns and making it happen!


  1. Why are we always "surprised" to see God work in our lives. He tells us that He loves us and that He knows the hairs on our heads. He is there daily, always involved but we are too distracted by the world around us.
    As a child I was always encouraged to go on "God hunts" ... watch and see how God reveals Himself for that day. It is truly awesome how He lays something on our hearts and then brings it all to fall in place.
    I was not complaining about exercising ... it was more... the process. I LOVE it when I do it. It's just comitting to it and making it a habit that I have problems with.

  2. You were my gift directly from God today. Praise be to the great provider. :o) and thank you so much.