23 July 2008



For the past two weeks or so, the downstairs women's bathroom at work (nearest the break room) has been inhabited by something I've named "Permetheus". He (or she) has been living in the big stall in the afore-mentioned bathroom, specifically - under a propped up 6 foot army green metal cabinet (which houses cleaning supplies). Early in the morning you can find Permetheus lounging on the wooden wedge that props up the cabinet (I think the floor is slanted, thus the wedge) or (s)he'll poke it's little head out from under the cabinet, taking in the "sights". Some folks have been "terrorized" by Permetheus' presence, but they are learning to co-habitate!
Permetheus has become pretty bold as of lately! Noise is no longer a disturbance to him/her and will only duck back under the cabinet if you stomp your feet nearby. To my surprise, Permetheus has made the trek from the bathroom to the break room (maybe looking for a snack?). Unfortunately the word around the break room is, "There is already another four-legged resident who has claimed the break room...a mouse!" I have yet to witness this mouse, but others are saying the mouse is bigger than Permetheus. Will there be confrontation between the two? Who's higher on the food chain? I know reptiles eat mice...but do mice eat reptiles? I left today not knowing the outcome between them. What adventures will tomorrow hold for Permetheus and the mouse?

Today's sighting of Permetheus led me outside the store...not where I would have thought I would find him/her! Permetheus made the long haul through the store, pass the registers, and just outside the exit doors! It amazes me how (s)he even got out of the bathroom and now to find his/her way through the maze that is Office Depot!! I've got customer's who get lost from one exit to the other...I'm sure it had to be an urgent decision to "Get out of Dodge"...just look at the photos below...


It's my belief that mice and lizards DO NOT MAKE GREAT friends! I don't know if I'll ever see Permetheus again...being tailless with a right shoulder wound and all! Maybe the food chain continues on with Permetheus as dinner for some little bird or bunny? There's plenty of wildlife on Base. -- Goodbye Permetheus :-(

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  1. Yuck! That´s a freaky looking creature! I´m amazed he made it alive out of your work place!